Celebrate The Blue Moods Of Spain 20th Anniversary With A Contest

From the band Spain's Josh Haden:

"The Blue Moods Of Spain was released twenty years ago this week. I've talked a lot about the making of Blue Moods within the 40 pages that accompany the Blue Moods Of Spain: A History Part One and Part Two digital albums. I was twenty-seven years old then and filled with very specific musical ideas and a philosophy on where to to take them.

The reaction to Blue Moods over the years has been overwhelming, as much now as then. People are still hearing it for the first time, and people who bought it when it first came out are still affected by it and that makes me happy. Warners has let the album go out of print, and that makes me sad, but it's still available digitally. In 2012 Omnivore Records reissued Blue Moods on vinyl for the first time and that made me happy again.


Has Blue Moods made an impact on your life? In celebration of the 20 year mark I'm holding a contest. Write a few sentences or a paragraph or even an essay if you're feeling like it, about how The Blue Moods Of Spain has affected you over the years, or years ago. Stories, anecdotes, experiences, observations, I would love to read them. I'll pick my favorite and the writer will win a free copy of Omnivore's Blue Moods Of Spain vinyl reissue, courtesy of Omnivore Records. Five runners-up will win free downloads of the Blue Moods Of Spain: A History Parts 1 & 2 from Bandcamp. I'll also post the winning work on the Spain website. Send your writings to me at diamondsoulinfo@gmail.com by 30 Sep 2015. Winners will be chosen by 15 Oct 2015. Please mark your work "OK To Print" if you'd like it posted, and "Not OK To Print" if you wouldn't."

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