"I'm Still Free" Kickstarter 7" Update

Recently two new pledge levels have been created for Spain's Kickstarter.com "I'm Still Free" 7" project. 

For a pledge of $25, you get a signed copy of the 7" mailed to you, your name listed in the "thank you" section on the back of the disc jacket, AND a signed copy of the limited second edition "I'm Still Free" CD single.

For a pledge of $50 or more (which we're calling the "Fan Gift Pack"), a gift recipient of your choice gets a signed copy of the 7" with their name listed in the "thank you" section, a signed copy of the "I'm Still Free" CD, one signed copy each of Josh's 2004 solo CD EP "Light of Day" and Josh's 2007 solo CD "Devoted", and a personal note written to the recipient by Josh himself.

Many of you have already made pledges towards the 7" and your help is much appreciated. If you haven't already made a pledge, or if perhaps you'd like to make a pledge for a friend, we hope you can take a few moments and check out the "I'm Still Free" Kickstarter page, there are several different pledge levels for all kinds of budgets and each one will help to put the "I'm Still Free" single on vinyl, the way it was supposed to have been in the first place. That web address again is http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joshhaden/kickstart-the-band-spains-im-still-free-7.

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