Spain's 'Carolina' To Be Released June 3, 2016

Carolina, the sixth studio album from the Los Angeles 'slowcore' band Spain, will be released worldwide on June 3, 2016.

According to Spain founder Josh Haden, "The album has a decided Americana/Alt-Country feel and includes songs I wrote for my dad [late jazz bassist Charlie Haden], for my childhood, for you, homesteading time-travel, the Great Depression, Timothy Leary, a historic U.S. Revolutionary War battle, couples breaking apart and getting back together, a mining disaster, and Mother Earth. The front cover also features an image of me. In otherwords, a little different from past Spain albums."

Carolina will be released in Europe on Glitterhouse Records, and on Josh Haden's Diamond Soul Recordings everywhere else.

Track Listing:

1. Tennessee

2. The Depression

3. Apologies

4. Lorelei

5. One Last Look

6. In My Hour

7. Battle Of Saratoga

8. Starry Night

9. For You

10. Station 2

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