Spain, the songwriting vehicle for seasoned musician Josh Haden, will release new LP Carolina on June 3. Hailed as “slowcore progenitors,” the band’s new song, “Station 2,” displays a confidence in that genre— a downtempo tune with plenty of room for storytelling and a big emphasis on the more emotional moments. There’s also a bit of classic-rock worship in the mix; fans of Dawes should take notice. We are proud to premiere “Station 2” on today. [Read More...]
Spain (1), rupture au ralenti
Les chansons de She Haunts My Dreams parlent d'amour brisé, gâché, caché, ou finalement révélé, parti pour une incertaine éternité. [Read More...]
Spain (2), elle hantait ses rêves
La différence notable entre I Believe et son prédécesseur, c'est que les chansons baignent dans l'aube dorée d'une béatitude amoureuse que leur auteur ne songe pas une minute à cacher. [Read More...]
Spain Schedules Show At Bootleg HiFi
Spain recently wrote via Facebook: "The Spain Show is finally coming to L.A. See what the East Coast and Europe has been talking about. Special guests, musical unpredictability, spiritual camaraderie, excitement, entertainment, grooviness." And that L.A. show will take place at the Bootleg HiFi on Friday, June 19! [Read More...]
Spain – Sargent Place
‘You And I’, the song graced by Charlie’s acoustic bass, poignantly opens with the lines “Our love will never die” – a fitting farewell from father to son. ‘To Be A Man’ also reads like a son to father conversation, Josh sighing, “Can’t you see that you’re my best friend?” [Read More...]
ALBUM REVIEW: Spain – Sargent Place
Spain have never faltered on their recordings and this is no exception... [Read More...]
TuneCore Live: SXSW Edition
We’re proud to boast that one-third of the artists performing at SXSW 2015 have distributed through TuneCore. We’ve created a “TuneCore Live: SXSW Edition" playlist on Spotify, which features over 200+ of the artists playing at the festival. [Read More...]
Spain (Paradiso – Amsterdam, 11-03-2015)
Sargent Place voelt als een warm bad slow-core muziek. Heerlijk om in deze hectische tijden gewoon je te laten vervoeren door rust en vakmanschap. Even uit de hectiek treden en je overgeven aan Josh en zijn mannen. [Read More...]
Photoset - Aarhus
This is slowcore. [Read More...]
Live review: Spain (Atlas)
New material from 2014’s Sargent place was featured heavily – but that’s the thing with Spain – they don’t age, they don’t change, and they don’t ever suck. [Read More...]
Jack Black, CIA és vegytiszta örömzene
Édesapja, Charlie minden idők egyik legjobb dzsesszbőgőse volt, sógora pedig az a Jack Black, akit ugyan Hollywoodban komikusként tartanak számon, ám gitárvirtuóznak sem utolsó. Josh Haden először járt Magyarországon Spain nevű együttesével. Közvetlenségéből, zene iránti alázatából sokan tanulhatnának. Interjú. [Read More...]
Critique de concert Spain
Vivre un moment rare.
De celui qui nous rappelle que la musique se construit avec délicatesse et préciosité.
De celui qui se veut aussi lumineux qu’élégant.
De celui qui unit le public autour d’une même passion.
Vivre un moment avec Spain… [Read More...]
Spain @ Botanique: Onthaasting als levensmotto
Een verrassend gevarieerd en dynamisch optreden dat, dank zij de verbluffende verrichtingen van gitarist Kenny Lyon, tot likkebaarden uitnodigde. [Read More...]
Jammin' Java 2/2/15
Led by Josh Haden, son of the late great jazz bassist Charlie Haden, Spain melded elements of slowcore with jazz, blues, and Americana to form their own unique take on the genre. [Read More...]
Spain: Bluesy Moods, Critics Choice
Με κάποιο τρόπο, ο πολυμουσικός εκλεκτισμός που χαρακτηρίζει όλη την οικογένεια του αείμνηστου μπασίστα Charlie Haden αντικατοπτρίζεται με τον καλύτερο τρόπο στους Spain, το γκρουπ που έφτιαξε προ 20ετίας ο γιος του – και μπασίστας επίσης εκτός από τραγουδιστής – Josh Haden. [Read More...]
Singer/songwriter’s band Spain comes to Jammin Java
Band’s frontman has built a simple sound based on a Cash advance. [Read More...]
Genre-bending Josh Haden and Spain at Tin Angel
The genre-bending bassist, singer, and songwriter has moved his band Spain through distanced, noir-pop efforts (as in 1999's She Haunts My Dreams) tinged by abstract jazz and slow-core country toward the moody yet direct sound of 2014's Sargent Place.
[Read More...]
Spain – “Sargent Place” Review
Laid back to the point of near horizontality, Sargent Place is the fifth studio album for Los Angeles quartet Spain. [Read More...]
Blue-Eyed Soul Band Spain Bring Their Disquieting Sounds to NYC
For the past twenty-odd years, Josh Haden’s group Spain have occupied a unique, distantly Lynchian netherworld of blue-eyed soul and moody, purist pop tunesmithing, sort of like the Eels playing Orbison – or vice versa. They’re making a rare couple of stops in NYC, first at the Lincoln Center Atrium on Jan 29 at 7:30 PM for free, early arrival being the keyword there. They’re also at Rough Trade on Feb 3 at 9 for $15. [Read More...]
Spain Frontman Josh Haden Talks ‘Sargent Place’
Review Fix chats with Spain singer Josh Haden about his new album, “Sargent Place” and his new association with Dine Alone Records. Holden also discusses his love for performing live and how producer Gus Seyffert affected the overall sound of the record. [Read More...]
Spain ‘Sargent Place’ Review
Prior to the release of Sargent Place, Spain had took somewhat of an hiatus from releasing new music. Or perhaps they were just working the perfection that is the album. [Read More...]
Un album qui est passé sous le radar et qu’il me fait plaisir de vous recommander chaleureusement. [Read More...]
7/2 - Spain - Gazarte
Το αμερικάνικο γκρουπ από τα 90s δεν έχει κάποια σχέση με την Ισπανία αλλά έχει με το καλό γούστο, την αξιοπρεπή φολκ τραγουδοποιία, την dream pop. [Read More...]
The American rock band, Spain, which features singer/bassist Josh Haden, has announced U.S. and European tour dates, for January and March. You can check out the dates and details, after the break.

01.28.15 – US-Boston, MA, Great Scott
01.29.15 – US-New York, NY, Lincoln Center (David Rubenstein Atrium)
02.01.15 – US-Philadelphia, PA, Tin Angel
02.02.15 – US-Vienna, VA Jammin’ Java
02.03.15 – US-Brooklyn, NY, Rough Trade
02.07.15 – GR-Athens, Gazarte
02.08.15 – DE-Köln, Studio 672
02.09.15 – NL-Nijmegen, Doornrosje
02.10.15 – BE-Bruxelles, Le Botanique
02.11.15 – NL-Maastricht, Muziekgieterij
02.12.15 – FR-Paris, Petit Bain
02.13.15 – CH-Thun, Cafe Bar Mokka
02.14.15 – FR-Marseille, A Poste à Galène
02.15.15 – IT-Florence, Sala Vanni
02.16.15 – IT-Cantù, All’1 e 35 circa
02.17.15 – IT-Ravenna, Madonna dell’Albero
02.18.15 – IT-Turin, Folk Club
02.19.15 – CH-Zürich, Bogen F
02.20.15 – DE-Nürnberg, K4
02.21.15 – DE-Schorndorf, Manufaktur
02.22.15 – AT-Wien, Chelsea
02.23.15 – RS-Belgrad, Dom Omladir
02.25.15 – HU-Budapest, A38
02.27.15 – AT-Ebensee, Kino Ebensee
02.28.15 – AT-Wörgl, Astner Saal
03.01.15 – DE-Dresden, JazzClub Tonne
03.02.15 – DE-Berlin, Privatclub
03.03.15 – DK-Aarhus, VoxHall
03.04.15 – NO-Oslo, Buckleys
03.06.15 – DK-Kopenhagen, Beta
03.07.14 – DE-Wredenhagen, Scheune
03.08.15 – DE-Hamburg, Nachtasyl
03.09.15 – BE-Liège, Reflektor
03.10.15 – DE-Bielefeld, Forum
03.11.15 – NL-Amsterdam, Paradiso [Read More...]
Treperenje žica i ljudskog glasa
Jedan od ključnih Amerikana bendova - Spain - po prvi put će nastupiti u Beogradu 23. februara, od 21 sat u sali Amerikana Doma omladine. [Read More...]