Spain's "Station 2" is in Indie Rock Mag's 22 Best Songs of 2016
Spain - Station 2

Resté aux portes de mon top albums, le Carolina americana de Josh Haden n’en est pas moins la plus belle réussite de Spain depuis la reformation du groupe en 2007... voire depuis The Blue Moods of Spain ? En témoigne ce final qui ravivera un temps les regrets de tous ceux ont dû, un jour, laissé derrière eux une personne chère à leur cœur. [Read More...]
5 Up and Coming Bands You Need in Your Life Are Playing Shows Around L.A. in August
Spain at Love Song (August 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30)

The project of singer/songwriter Josh Haden returns to the DTLA bar for its second residency of 2016, having played there back in May. The final show of that earlier run acted as the album release party for Carolina, Spain’s latest album.

Think: Slowcore goes Americana

Cost: Free [Read More...]
12 Artists You Need in Your Life
Spain at the Love Song (May 17)

The alt-rock band’s latest album, “Carolina,” is set for release in June. It was recorded in producer Kenny Lyon’s apartment/studio in the historic Gaylord Apartments in Koreatown, meaning that, if you like singer/songwriter Josh Haden’s work, you may be able to buy him a beer at the HMS Bounty.

Think: The yin to Mazzy Star’s yang.
Listen: via Spotify
Cost: Free [Read More...]
Spain: Bluesy Moods, Critics Choice
Με κάποιο τρόπο, ο πολυμουσικός εκλεκτισμός που χαρακτηρίζει όλη την οικογένεια του αείμνηστου μπασίστα Charlie Haden αντικατοπτρίζεται με τον καλύτερο τρόπο στους Spain, το γκρουπ που έφτιαξε προ 20ετίας ο γιος του – και μπασίστας επίσης εκτός από τραγουδιστής – Josh Haden. [Read More...]
7/2 - Spain - Gazarte
Το αμερικάνικο γκρουπ από τα 90s δεν έχει κάποια σχέση με την Ισπανία αλλά έχει με το καλό γούστο, την αξιοπρεπή φολκ τραγουδοποιία, την dream pop. [Read More...]
Best Of 2014
Spain - You and I (Sargent Place, 2014) [Read More...]
Melting Pot's Best Of 2014!
Spain feat. Charlie Haden – You and I – Sargent Place (Glitterhouse) [Read More...]
Lincoln Center offers free concerts, events in January
The band Spain performs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 29. Founded 20 years ago by Josh Haden, the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden, the group performs lush soundscapes from “Sargent Place” (Dine Alone Records), its most recent album and its first in 10 years. [Read More...]
Rockens Riddere kårer de 25 beste skivene i 2014!
Da er tiden kommet for å avsløre hva Rockens Riddere mener er de 25 beste skivene som har blitt utgitt i løpet av året som har gått. Det hersker selvsagt ingen tvil om at dette er den definitive fasiten på hva som gjelder av fet rock der ute i rockjungelen - her har du den absolutte toppteft av hva som gjelder innen heavy metal, indie, psych, singer/songwriters, etc. [Read More...]
Spain Σάββατο 7 Φεβρουαρίου
Το τελευταίο άλμπουμ των Spain, Sargent Place, κυκλοφόρησε το 2014 αποσπώντας διθυραμβικές κριτικές από τον διεθνή μουσικό Τύπο. Η παραγωγή του δίσκου έγινε από τον Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Beck, Norah Jones) και η μίξη από τον Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, Paul McCartney) απογειώνοντας το καλλιτεχνικό αποτέλεσμα και κάνοντας πολλούς να μιλάνε για τον καλύτερο δίσκο των Spain από το “θρυλικό” The Blue Moods of Spain του 1995. [Read More...]
Najvažniji albumi u 2014 po izboru redakcije Radio Bruškina
Tekuća godina je bila prepuna novih albuma, izuzetnih izdanja koja dokazuju da muzika ide naprijed, u uvijek neočekivanim pravcima. Nešto od svega toga smo pokušali uhvatiti i predstaviti vam kroz muziku i izbor našeg radija, a evo koji su albumi najvažniji po izboru naše redakcije, uz gostujuću listu naših drugara iz benda Izae: [Read More...]
La cuvée 2014 - Les chroniqueurs
En complément indispensable de notre Cuvée générale, voici l’année écoulée disséquée par nos valeureux chroniqueurs. Soit différentes listes plus ou moins longues reflétant les goûts et les couleurs de chacun. Et ça ne se discute pas. [Read More...]
De Amerikaanse band Spain komt voor drie optredens naar ons land. Op 9 februari gaat de minitour van start in Doornroosje in Nijmegen, 11 februari staat de band in de Muziekgieterij in Maastricht en op 11 maart komen ze nogmaals terug voor een optreden in Paradiso. [Read More...]
The Best Free Concerts To See in L.A. This November
Spain are performing ahead of their upcoming release, Sargent Place, out November 4. [Read More...]
The First Uncut Playlist Of 2014
After last week’s Best Albums Of 2014 roundup/provocation, here’s the first proper playlist of the year; with, as you’ll see, a few auspicious new arrivals.
Pandering to Indie Fans: The Forgotten Indie Rock Albums
Josh Haden pretty much hit it out of the park with Spain's debut. [Read More...]
The Musikjahr was an absolute smasher! - Nillson-Jahrescharts 2012
Diese Ruhe, diese Weisheit, diese herrliche Entschleunigung und Hadens sonore Stimme, ja - das hatte uns gefehlt, und wir haben es all die Jahre nicht gewusst. Ein riesengroßes Album. [Read More...]
Vinyl Renaissance: Omnivore Recordings Offers Art Pepper, Spain on Vinyl
The Blue Moods of Spain, its 1999 follow-up She Haunts My Dreams, and 2001’s I Believe are all making their first appearances on vinyl, available in stores and online on August 28. The LP-only reissues will be available as limited edition first pressings on 180-gram colored vinyl, totaling 1,000 copies per album. [Read More...]
Le streaming du jour #251 : Spécial Noël - les indés vous invitent à leur réveillon
Pot de départ : forcément, après tout ça, on est un peu triste de se quitter, c’est donc Josh Haden qui offre la dernière tournée.
Culture Collide Spotlight: Spain (USA)
Spain are a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band founded in 1993 by Josh Haden (son of jazz bass legend Charlie Haden).
Spain vend son âme
Mais c'est pour la bonne cause. Pour finaliser ce qui sera le premier enregistrement de Spain depuis près de dix ans et qui sortira sous le nom de "The Soul of Spain", Josh Haden a besoin d'argent. [Read More...]
In The News: Paul Simon, Juliana Hatfield, Gillian Welch, Ivy, Spain, Jeff Bridges And More
The Soul Of Spain, Spain‘s first new album in a decade, is looking for financing via a Kickstarter campaign. [Read More...]
Rock Picks: Ozomatli, Harper Simon, Spain
...Josh croons funereal ballads in a somber, low voice, singing with the same serious, almost-spiritual intensity whether he’s rhapsodizing about a lover or talking to Jesus. [Read More...]
Billboard Bits: ODB, Smash Mouth, Spain
Highlights of dreamy jazz influenced rock act Spain's career will be collected on an upcoming disc due Oct. 21 via Restless Records.
Newsmakers - Spain Comes To L.A.
Photo of Josh Haden w/ Spain fan Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine).
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