Utne Reader Monthly Music Sampler: Spain's "The Fighter"
The son of the late, legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden (his final studio recordings are on the album) and the brother to equally talented musicians Petra and Rachel Haden, Josh utilized his family’s rich musical talent on this recording, and their presence—both physically and spiritually—is felt throughout. A case in point is “The Fighter,” which features a tune originally plucked out on an acoustic guitar gifted to Josh by Rachel, and elegant backing vocals and strings from Petra. [Read More...]
Spain’s Josh Haden leaves doors open for listening value in latest release
Critics and fans have called the music of Josh Haden’s Spain dreamy, layered, even “jazz-tinged slow core.” The band’s latest release, Sargent Place, produced by Gus Seyffert (Norah Jones, Beck) continues that floating thread of a subconscious, faraway inner turmoil longing for respite or recourse. [Read More...]
An Interview with Josh Haden: 'Sargent Place'
Now their new release Sargent Place, builds on that decades long legacy and pushes it into inspiring new directions. [Read More...]
Josh Haden’s Spain premieres all-new ‘Sargent Place’ with family in mind
Josh Haden’s Spain has been the worst-kept secret amongst discriminating music fans and post-millennials in L.A. and everywhere else. For close to 20 years, the vocalist/bassist/composer’s been keeping the dream world alive in subterranean, subconscious music that sinks into the core — beneath reason and pretense, into everyone’s universal language. [Read More...]
Josh Haden, The TVD First Date
I remember being five years old, putting on headphones and getting lost in the artwork of the Beatles’ Revolver. [Read More...]
The Concierge Questionnaire: Josh Haden, Bassist and Singer
Q: What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Los Angeles?

A: Lake Shrine. [Read More...]
Film At 11: Spain
L.A.’s Spain readies for the release of fifth album Sargent Place, out November 4. The band recently made a new video for “Love At First Sight,” and MAGNET is premiering it here. The song itself is a chilled-out slow jam, and the clip that accompanies moves at an equally slow pace. In fact, the whole video is centered around time as we slowly follow the adventures of one indecisive man. [Read More...]
Spain's Josh Haden
Sargent Place is the new album from my band Spain. We recorded it in a house on a street in the Elysian Park area of Los Angeles called Sargent Place. The house was rented by our producer Gus Seyffert. It was a very intense two weeks of recording and mixing and that’s probably why I chose the street name for the title.

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Stream The New Spain Album
The principle singer and songwriter of Spain is Josh Haden, the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden, and brother to the Haden triplet sisters, Petra, Rachel and Tanya. Spain began in 1993 and released their debut album, The Blue Moods Of Spain, in 1995. In 2001, Haden took a hiatus and reformed the band in 2007. Seductive, moody, and touched by a hint of jazz and late night romanticism, the debut album set a high standard for singer-songwriters.

[Read More...]
SARGENT PLACE – interview with Josh Haden
RYL: What inspired the song “The Fighter”?

JOSH HADEN: The movie Raging Bull. [Read More...]
Dark Stuff Podcast 104: Josh Haden (Spain) Part Two
The Dark Stuff Podcast #104 is a continuation of the interview with Josh Haden of the band Spain from #103. In this part of the interview, Haden talks about the second and third Spain LPs, his contractual issues with Restless Records, and the initial break-up of Spain. He then discusses his solo career, his collaborations (Handsome Boy Modeling School, Sean Lennon, DJ Shadow, Blue Man Group), and the re-formation of Spain. [Read More...]
Dark Stuff Podcast 103: Josh Haden (Spain) Part One
Dark Stuff Podcast #103 features an interview with Josh Haden, best known for his work in the fantastic indie band, Spain. This interview was conducted sometime in 2008, and was then lost to the ages due to a computer crash. I recently recovered the file, and am presenting part one of the interview here. [Read More...]
Josh Haden Is A Punk Rocker
We're punkrockers. We don't need any of this bourgeoise music technique. [Read More...]
Verkannte Popband Spain: Die Crowd-Rocker
Warum sind Spain aus Los Angeles keine Stars? Johnny Cash war ein Fan. Wim Wenders auch. Pünktlich zu zwei Deutschland-Konzerten erinnert eine tolle Unplugged-CD an ihre Klasse. [Read More...]
Air France - Coups de Coeur
After 7 years of silence, the sweet sound of Spain has returned. [Read More...]
Die beste Musik des Jahrgangs 2012
„The Soul of Spain“ zelebriert auf allerhöchstem Niveau die Kunst der Langsamkeit und des edel gesetzten Wohlklangs, gönnt sich zwei schnellere Rock-Momente und beweist Stil ohne Ende. Was für ein Comeback. [Read More...]
Josh Haden von Spain im Interview
Spain aus L.A. machen Slowcore, stimmungsvolles Singer-Songwriting mit vielen Instrumenten. Johny Cash hatte bereits ein Stück von ihnenn gecovert (Spiritual) und für Wim Wenders trugen sie zu einem Filmsoundtrack bei (The End of Violence). Am 10. Dezember spielten sie einen spontanen Live-Gig bei RDL, im Anschluss gab Sänger Josh Haden - Sohn des berühmten Jazzbassisten Charlie Haden - ein Interview.
detektor.fm-Session mit Spain
Zehn Jahre war es ruhig um die amerikanische Band Spain. So ruhig, dass man fast nicht mehr damit gerechnet hätte, Spain überhaupt nochmals auf der Bühne zu sehen. Aber sie sind zurück und gerade auf Tour in Deutschland. Spain waren zu Gast im detektor.fm-Studio.
Cambiando, Josh Haden aveva finito per privare la propria scrittura dei tratti che ne facevano una seducente anomalia. Ora torna, e scopriremo se il fascino del suo songbook è ancora miracolosamente intatto, vitale, o se è tempo di consegnarlo definitivamente ai memorabilia da cui l’abbiamo recuperato. [Read More...]
Will Any Band Ever Break Up?
A good Spain song is like falling into a trance: It’s a blend of disparate, vibrato-rich sounds that, when played right, sounds inevitable. It’s also a sound very few people have heard lately: This band broke up more than a decade ago. [Read More...]
LE BONHEUR? Hmmmm... La pâte d'amandes. [Read More...]
Entrevue - 29/05/12 de Spain
Onze ans après avoir croisé sa route, on retrouve Josh Haden semblable au souvenir que l’on avait conservé d’un musicien passionnément dédié à la très haute idée qu’il se fait de l’art en général et de la musique en particulier. [Read More...]
Vivo para estar em palco, ligado ao público
Se eu tenho expectativas, como artista, dou comigo em maluco. Eu mando as coisas para um chapéu e depois tiro o que acho que resulta, e muitas vezes o que acho que vai resultar não resulta e vice versa; e este disco surgiu tanto tempo depois do outro que tudo podia acontecer em termos de reacção. Então mentalizei-me que ia ser honesto comigo próprio e não tentar modelar as canções com base num conceito que podia estar errado para quem ouvisse... [Read More...]
Délit [d'é]motion #20 – In My Soul de Josh Haden
Aujourd’hui il y a cette chanson de Josh Haden… [Read More...]
free download: In My Soul de Josh Haden
Le musicien new-yorkais vient pourtant de laisser sous le sapin de Noël une chanson toute neuve. [Read More...]