The Soul Of Spain

There’s a certain constituency who will greet news of a new Spain album with hosannas, hallelujahs and hurrahs. That bailiwick, however, is a small one, which is a pity given the bluecore appeal of Josh Haden’s brooding songs of heartache and introspection. Such a failure to connect with a larger audience may explain why Haden put Spain on a hiatus but, as the new album shows, he has lost none of his ability to cast lovelorn, moody songs. All I Can Give, Only One and Sevenfold demonstrate Spain’s considerable strengths: they are all gloriously downbeat, with Haden’s masterful, troubled vocals providing the quiet drama throughout. It is an album to remind you that sometimes the good guys don’t always finish first. If The Soul Of Spain pushes your buttons, check out their back catalogue, especially The Blue Moods Of Spain.

Jim Carroll
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