Stream The New Spain Album

Spain are releasing their new album on Tuesday, November 4th. Produced by Guy Seyffert, Sargent Place picks up where the band left off with The Soul of Spain two years ago.


The principle singer and songwriter of Spain is Josh Haden, the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden, and brother to the Haden triplet sisters, Petra, Rachel and Tanya. Spain began in 1993 and released their debut album, The Blue Moods Of Spain, in 1995. In 2001, Haden took a hiatus and reformed the band in 2007. Seductive, moody, and touched by a hint of jazz and late night romanticism, the debut album set a high standard for singer-songwriters.


On the new album Josh is joined by his father Charlie who plays acoustic bass on “You and I,” and Petra plays violin and sings backing vocals on “The Fighter,” and backing vocals on “From The Dust.” Daniel Brummel plays lead and acoustic guitar, sings backing vocals and plays percussion. Matt Mayhall is on drums, percussion, and backing vocals and Randy Kirk plays keyboards, guitar, and percussion and sings backing vocals. Producer Gus Seyffert contributes electric guitar on “In My Soul,” bass on “Let Your Angel,” cello on “The Fighter,” along with backing vocals and percussion.

About the record, Haden told Rock Your LyricsSargent Place is a collection of “romantic songs about love, sex, death, time, and God.”


Below, stream the album in its entirety. 

Purchase Sargent Place here.

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