Utne Reader Monthly Music Sampler: Spain's "The Fighter"

Josh Haden is the primary figure behind the soul-stirring music of Spain. The Los Angeles-based songwriter and his band have been building a fiercely loyal fanbase worldwide for almost 20 years, but its latest record, Sargent Place, is its first U.S. release in more than 10 years. The son of the late, legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden (his final studio recordings are on the album) and the brother to equally talented musicians Petra and Rachel Haden, Josh utilized his family’s rich musical talent on this recording, and their presence—both physically and spiritually—is felt throughout. A case in point is “The Fighter,” which features a tune originally plucked out on an acoustic guitar gifted to Josh by Rachel, and elegant backing vocals and strings from Petra. Sargent Place is out now on Dine Alone Records.

Christian Williams
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