Billboard Bits: ODB, Smash Mouth, Spain
Highlights of dreamy jazz influenced rock act Spain's career will be collected on an upcoming disc due Oct. 21 via Restless Records.
Spirituals: The Best of Spain
Haden's calm dissection of his own doubt and guilt is still unnerving, like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation. [Read More...]
It would be hard to imagine that in the future, Spain could return with an album that provoked such images of beauty and still upheld such works of passion.
Newsmakers - Spain Comes To L.A.
Photo of Josh Haden w/ Spain fan Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine).
Spain Rises to Old Depths of Melancholy
With its slow-shifting soundscapes and confessional reflections, the Los Angeles quintet Spain obsessed over romance from first spark to dying ember Saturday at the Knitting Factory. [Read More...]
The Blue Moods Of Spain
This is an album that simply exudes swankiness and style. No, let me rephrase that. This is an album that is swankiness and style. Evoking moods of smoke-filled lounges, martinies, velvet suits, and beautiful, sultry women, The Blue Moods Of Spain is about as good as it gets. [Read More...]
She Haunts My Dreams
Spain's second album She Haunts My Dreams contains more of the dreamy, lounge-tinged pop that made their first album The Blue Moods of Spain a critical and cult favorite. [Read More...]
Spain - She Haunts My Dreams
A gorgeous meditation on romantic dysfunction, She Haunts My Dreams is the sort of nightmare you hope will never end.
Spain - Artist Spotlight
Q: Your songs tend to be pretty heartbreaking. Do you have better luck in real life as compared to your songs?

A: No. (laughs)
Reign Of Spain
One of the first moves Lenny Waronker made as co-chairman of DreamWorks Records was to sign the acclaimed L.A. band Spain. Well, "She Haunts My Dreams," Spain's first album since the deal, is coming out this week--but it's not on DreamWorks. [Read More...]
Spain - She Haunts My Dreams
She Haunts My Dreams is both mellow and dramatic, but never melodramatic.
Chart Activity - CMJ Radio 200
She Haunts My Dreams is a bewitching album that lives up to the band's growing legend.
Cocteau Twins Impress in Quiet Moments
Blending slow, fuzzy guitar chords over a low blues rumbling, Spain offered less musical variety than the headliner, but still cut deep with quiet, mournful passages. [Read More...]
Taking in the blue moods of Spain
Everyone can relate to a broken heart. Few artists can articulate the feeling of a broken heart better than Spain. There really should be a label on their debut release The Blue Moods of Spain warning that listening to the album may cause distressing emotional disturbances. [Read More...]
Drawing His Strength From the Right Atmosphere
The smokily poetic sound of Spain, an L.A.-based band that is causing a growing buzz in the record business, is hardly predictable in the world of alternative rock. [Read More...]
The Blue Moods of Spain
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Spain - The Blue Moods Of Spain - Restless
Spain spins a gorgeous slo-mo mixture of late-night jazz phonics, sedate country and sultry soul.
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