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Spain's "Live At The Love Song" Double LP Drops June 23rd

Spain's "Live At The Love Song" double LP drops June 23rd from Glitterhouse Records. More info here.


Span Love Song Residency One-Year Anniversary May 25th

Thursday, May 25 2017 will be the one-year anniversary of Spain's residency at the Love Song in Downtown L.A.  Come celebrate with us. Free 9pm 21+

New Live Album From Spain



Glitterhouse Records will be releasing Spain's Live At The Love Song LP this summer.  The track listing is:

1. Tangerine (with Matt DeMerritt) (Recorded 21 Feb 2017)
2. Every Time I Try (with Ryan Qualls) (Recorded 13 Dec 2016)
3. World Of Blue (with Bobb Bruno) (Recorded 18 Oct 2016)
4. Untitled No. 1 (with Craig Haynes & Mike Bolger) (Recorded 30 Aug 2016)
5. Ray Of Light (with Bill Frisell, Petra Haden, Zander Schloss) (Recorded 16 Aug 2016)
6. From The Dust (with Joe Baiza) (Recorded 25 Oct 2016)
7. Lorelei (Recorded 7 Mar 2017)
8. Spiritual (with Petra Haden and Mystery Gospel Choir (Recorded 17 May 2016)

Spain Will No Longer Fly With United Airlines (Statement)

10 April 2017 Los Angeles


In the news today we have seen disturbing images and video footage depicting the violent, forced ejection of a passenger from a United Airlines flight. This passenger had done nothing wrong, and did nothing to deserve such treatment.


As a band that travels frequently, we in the band Spain cannot tolerate such behavior from an airline that is supposed to garner our trust. We will no longer be flying with United. Our tour rider will be amended to state as such.


We wish the victim of United Airlines’ brutal and completely unnecessary tactics well and wish him a speedy recovery. We hope he will receive just compensation from the airline. We also hope the people who are in charge of the airline do the right thing and apologize to the passenger who was abused, to the passengers (including small children) of the flight who had to witness the assault in person, and to all people everywhere who were emotionally affected by the footage.




Josh Haden


The Band Spain

New Live Recording From Spain

Spain's ongoing Tuesday night residency at the Love Song Bar in Los Angeles has produced many memorable shows, not the least of which was this live set recorded on February 21, 2017. Featuring the core group of Josh Haden (bass, vocals), Kenny Lyon (guitar), Shon Sullivan (keyboards, acoustic guitar), and Danny Frankel (drums), and frequent collaborator Matthew DeMerritt (saxophone). Includes new song "Tangerine". High quality recording available as a free download from