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Spain's Carolina: Low Inventory Alert

Supplies of the first U.S. Edition of Spain's latest album are dwindling. Only 500 were manufactured and less than 40 remain. Purchase yours today by visiting the Spain Bandcamp Merch page

When the Wide World Narrows: A Conversation with Spain's Josh Haden
“I decided I was only going to write in stories,” says Josh Haden, talking about Carolina, the sixth album from Spain, the band he founded in the early 1990s and guided through a series of records in the middle and latter part of that decade. The record marries Haden’s passion for songs informed by both the personal and historical and, sometimes, even the places where the two intersect. [Read More...]
Spain - Carolina - Review
Spain’s latest release, Carolina, lingers in gorgeous, wistful melancholy. Ten tunes are imbued with a mood of introspection that speaks of painful, personal truths and elusive historical references. [Read More...]
Subscribe To Spain's Future

Spain's bassist/vocalist/founder Josh Haden has started a Spain music subscription service on Bandcamp. It's a great way to support Spain and make sure you're kept up-to-date on all the new music being made for their upcoming 2017 album. Demos, ideas, live tracks, and exclusive completed tracks will be available for subscribers only, and the first post is already up, the legendary 17 May 2016 record release show at the Love Song in Los Angeles, accompanied by a spontaneous and mysterious gospel choir. Your direct support is the most effective way to help keep the Spain dream alive and the band appreciates all your help. That link again is here.

Toneduff Sessions #6: Josh Haden and Kenny Lyon
Bruce Duff, author of The Smell of Death, talks with Josh Haden, founder, bassist and singer of the group Spain, and Kenny Lyon, guitarist, bassist, and producer, who has played with NOFX, Lemonheads, and many more. [Read More...]